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Sutter Capitol Pavilion Case Study

Acting as art directors, we often collaborate with artists and manage the commission process so that the art fits the space and meets the client’s preferences.  For this project, we worked with a talented local metal artist.  Although her original designs differ from the style of our typical commissions, her skill and versatility are the reasons we enjoy collaborating with her to create custom corporate pieces.

The idea for this branch and leaf concept began as a whiteboard sketch during an art selection meeting.  From there, ACS created a scale drawing that the artist worked from.  The artist provided color samples, from which ACS and the interior designer selected the ideal hues to compliment the space.

On installation day, the artist provided a paper template so that we could easily position each piece.  Working with our installer and the artist, each leaf was individually placed and secured to the wall using special hardware.  The finished product was a one-of-a-kind piece that fulfilled the client's vision, and prefectly complimented the space.